Video Reviews: Why Do They Matter To Businesses And Consumers Alike?

In recent years, video testimonials have gained significant attention and traction. Brands have increasingly realized the potential of video content in their marketing strategies. Moreover, customers themselves are turning to videos to gain a deeper understanding of products and to discover the opinions of fellow customers. And that’s why, more and more businesses now collect video reviews as a part of their marketing plan.

Video reviews are a powerful marketing tool

Were you aware that a staggering 90% of individuals place more trust in customer reviews than in brand claims? Moreover, a remarkable 95% of survey respondents acknowledged the influential role of customer reviews when making purchasing decisions. 

Recent statistics from Wyzowl reveal that 63% of businesses have embraced video content marketing, recognizing its significance in their overall strategy. Notably, a substantial 82% of these businesses acknowledge the importance of video marketing as a key component of their marketing efforts. Furthermore, research reveals that an impressive 88% of marketing teams observed a significant increase of at least 10% in their video testimonial campaigns. Additionally, 72% of participants agreed that the return on investment (ROI) from video testimonials can range from 50% to a remarkable 500%, surpassing the impact of non-video reviews. The majority of participants also noted improved conversion rates associated with the utilization of video testimonials.

But why?

From a business point of view, videos are helpful in various ways, for example, video reviews are excellent sales drivers, or brands may even collect video reviews from existing customers to better explain the product features. Whereas for the customers, video reviews prove to be a genuine personal account. Let us look at each of these reasons in detail.

Better Conversions and Sales

Video reviews have the potential to generate substantial revenue for your business. Including a video review or a product video on your landing page, for instance, can lead to an impressive 80% increase in conversions. Remarkably, this holds true across various industries, as demonstrated by the research conducted by the Treepodia team.

Furthermore, video reviews have a direct impact on sales. Studies indicate that 74% of users who watched an explanatory video about a product or service went on to make a purchase. This highlights the importance of creating captivating product video reviews that resonate with your audience.

When you consider it, the effectiveness of video reviews is not surprising at all. Our vision is the dominant sense we rely on, and a majority of the information processed by our brains is visual. As a result, if static images can already significantly boost engagement, imagine the potential that moving pictures hold for your business.

Impressive Return On Investment

Prepare to be even more thrilled because a remarkable 83% of businesses affirm that video marketing offers a favorable return on investment (ROI). While it is true that video reviews may not be the simplest or most inexpensive undertaking, the rewards are undoubtedly worth it. Moreover, online video tools such as editing and testimonial collection softwares continue to advance, becoming more accessible and affordable. In fact, with the advancements in technology, even your smartphone can capture high-quality footage.

Irrespective, here’s some good news: your video reviews don’t have to be flawless. Ultimately, it is the content that holds the most significance.Recent research indicates that users are primarily deterred by videos that fail to provide clear explanations of the product or service. Interestingly, the impact of low video quality and subpar design is relatively minor in comparison.

Search Engine Favourites

By incorporating video reviews into your website, you can extend the duration of time visitors spend engaging with your content. Consequently, this extended exposure not only fosters trust but also sends signals to search engines that your site offers valuable content.

Moovly provides staggering statistics: having a video embedded on your website increases your chances of appearing first in Google search results by an astounding 53 times. Given that Google is the owner of YouTube, the impact of videos on search engine rankings has become significantly influential.

To leverage this advantage, it is crucial to optimize your videos on YouTube for search engine optimization (SEO). And what better way of doing it by adding genuine video reviews to your social handles and website. Remember to craft compelling titles and descriptions, and include links back to your website, products, and services. Provide potential customers with a clear path to take the next step. Additionally, explore the realm of interactive videos to further encourage user actions.

Improved Trust

Trust serves as the cornerstone for driving conversions and sales. However, building trust should be viewed as an independent goal in itself. Content marketing, as a concept, has trust at its center and this helps in fostering long-term relationships. Instead of aggressively selling, the focus should be on attracting people by providing them with interesting and valuable information.

Video reviews are the best tool that help foster trust. Some consumers remain skeptical about making online purchases due to concerns about fraud and deception. However, impactful marketing video reviews present your products in a conversational manner, creating a sense of personalized interaction. Consequently, 57% of consumers report that videos such as video reviews instill them with greater confidence to make online purchases.

Increased Mobile User Engagement

Video and mobile devices are a perfect match. An impressive 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile phones. According to YouTube, mobile video consumption experiences a staggering 100% growth rate every year.

Given that people enjoy watching videos while on the move, coupled with the continuous rise in smartphone users, your video audience is constantly expanding.

Moreover, Google reveals that smartphone users are twice as likely as TV viewers and 1.4 times more likely than desktop viewers to establish a personal connection with brands that provide video content or advertisements on their devices.

The surge in mobile video consumption necessitates that brands remain attuned to the personalized experience people have on their smartphones. For instance, offering viewers a broader range of video content choices can enhance their engagement and satisfaction.

Simplification Of Ideas

When it comes to introducing a new product or service, video reviews can be the key to effectively conveying how it works. An overwhelming 98% of users have watched explainer videos to gain a deeper understanding of a product or service. It’s no wonder that 45% of businesses utilizing video marketing have incorporated explainer videos on their homepages. Among those businesses, an impressive 83% reported the effectiveness of their homepage explainer videos. The results speak for themselves.

Attractive To Passive Buyers

Video content serves as a powerful tool for both education and effortless consumption. In our fast-paced world, individuals often lack the time or inclination to read extensive product reviews or delve deep into service details.

Today’s consumers crave a visual showcase of products in action. The preference for video content stands as a significant driving force behind incorporating videos into your content marketing strategy.

Video marketing possesses the ability to captivate a broad target audience, appealing even to the most passive individuals. By engaging not only the visual senses but also the auditory faculties of potential clients, you harness the dual power of your competitive advantage.

In a nutshell, video reviews are an extremely powerful and engaging mode of brand communication. To leverage this power of video reviews get in touch with our team of experts.


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