4 Examples of Effective Employee Testimonial Videos That You Can Create Yourself

Trust is the most crucial components of your brand. Using testimonial films is one of the most incredible ways to build that trust. Video testimonials specially employee testimonials are essential for expanding your audience and boosting sales.

Video testimonials are a type of consumer feedback. According to data from Podium, 58% of people read internet evaluations at least once a week.

Similarly, employee testimonials are a great way of promoting your business as an outstanding workplace. However, it is like a double-edged sword that cuts both ways. Testimonials favour your brand to attract newer customers as well as newer employees.

Companies are constantly looking for fresh approaches to highlight their advantages and stand out in a competitive market in today’s fast-paced digital environment. Videos featuring employee testimonials are among the most effective ways to accomplish this.

Creating employee testimonial videos may seem daunting initially, but it’s much easier than you might think. With the right approach and creativity, you can create compelling videos to showcase your company’s strengths.

What is an employee testimonial?

A current employee’s recommendation of your business is an employee testimonial. Potential employees should learn more about working at your organization from the testimonial.

It aims to support you in roping qualified candidates eager to join your company.

These videos offer a distinctive and genuine glimpse into what it’s like to work for an organization.They also aid in establishing trust with potential clients and customers.

Since employee testimonials are proof of how you want your business workplace to be perceived, adding various elements other than the employee becomes essential. Applicants want to see things like a day in the life of your employees, what your work culture is like, the work-life balance, etc.

Listed below are some of the most crucial elements that you must add in your employee testimonial videos –

  • What a regular day looks like for the employees in your business
  • Reasons listing why your employees love working for your business
  • The work culture of your workplace
  • Work-life balance
  • The list of growth opportunities available working for your business
  • The company values and vision and how it affects the day-to-day work
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding your workplace
  • Make it engaging by combining both audio and visual elements

The idea behind a testimonial video from your employee’s perspective is to give an all-around point of view of what it is like to work in your organization. In addition, it stamps a positive affirmation in the minds of your prospective employees and ticks a significant box in their checklist before joining a company.

Now that we know the and the why of an employee testimonial, it is time to explore 4 excellent examples of organizations using their employees to deliver a message to prospective applicants.

Examples of Employee Testimonials


Capgemini adopts the dual format of adapting short videos and interviews in text. The company has an extensive collection of testimonials from its employees. Combining short videos and text interviews adds a nice visual element and keeps things engaging.

It also allows potential candidates to skim-read the short text interview or stay and watch the video shorts if they have extra time. You will also notice that the employees are asked particular questions, enabling them to share specific experiences and get straight to the point without wasting time.

Additionally, in keeping with its diversity and inclusion policy, Capgemini has shown employee testimonials from a broad group of workers.

This type of employee testimonial helps the applicants to get a clear idea of what it is like to work in a company such as Capgemini without wasting anyone’s time (Employer, employees, and potential employees).


Just Do It!

That is precisely what Nike did with its employee testimonials. The global super brand has created montage videos, including employees and several super-inspiring moments that immediately strike a strong chord with viewers. The video also has a constantly moving background score which goes hand in hand with the advertisements the brand rolls out for its line of products.

If you scroll down, you will notice that the brand has taken particular quotes from their employees and pasted them on their testimonials page. They are short, crisp, and easily register in the reader’s mind. Keeping the quotes short and crisp also aligns with the brand’s slogan of “Just Do It”, making it equally impactful.

The video takes the viewers on a journey of how several employees joined the organization and the reason why behind their calling. This is blended with glimpses of life behind the scenes in the Nike workplace and ends with inspiring words to derive action from their applicants.


Marriott’s group of hotels shared a picture of celebrating their first-ever female executive chef at the St. Regis Langkawi in Malaysia.

The photo was shared on Instagram, which features some personal advice and best practices for other aspiring women. The brand even created a new #WomenOfMarriott demonstrating how it has championed women to be and do better for themselves. It also syncs with the company’s commitment to diversity and equality in its workforce.

This is as simple as a testimonial can get. But the medium it was released on is what is essential here. We live in a time where people spend most of their day on social media platforms. So the brand effectively leverages the most used social media platform on the planet to connect with potential candidates and create a movement of their own by including a special hashtag.

Procter & Gamble (P&G)

The fact that Proctor & Gamble is a global conglomerate is further enforced by its various employees in its working spaces. The organization has offices all across the globe, and it leveraged this exact situation to its advantage.

It included testimonials from employees working in countries such as the U.S., Brazil, and Singapore. This is an excellent opportunity for the brand to show its potential workers that they can travel globally or relocate to a different country if they wish to. This is a silver lining for most employees as it helps attract similar kinds of people to work for the organization.

Additionally, the employee testimonial videos take the viewers through the lives of the employees at work as well as their personal lives. The testimonial videos are presented super engagingly and give the viewers a great sense of what to expect at the global company that is P&G.

We handpicked these 4 brands to showcase how to implement an employee testimonial for your brand. These are super simple techniques that show the most in the least amount of time. Ensuring that it is cost-effective for the company to produce these assets and offer the best value to the viewers.

We at WOWtestimonials specialize in just this. We are a group of well-trained professionals who know the ins and outs of creating the most effective testimonial video for your brand. This will increase your conversion rates and sales and paint a picture of positivity and enthusiasm in your workspace in the most organic way possible.

As the age-old saying goes, an organization’s greatest assets are its customers and employees. Just as you leverage your satisfied customers to create testimonial videos to rope in prospective customers, the employees can be leveraged in the same way to expand your organization. However, it is essential to note that both these elements go hand-in-hand and that only if your business is thriving will you be able to grow as an organization. Employee testimonials are an excellent method to showcase how you’ve created an outstanding workplace and how your brand’s values and vision resonate with their day-to-day work.

Make sure to include every possible element that you can have in your employee testimonial videos, such as what a typical day looks like for the employees in your business, reasons listing why your employees love working for your business, work culture that you have inculcated in your workspace, and the work-life balance.

It needs to appear as a comprehensive deep-dive into how your organization functions with its employees in the shortest time possible. This ensures that the assets are produced at optimal quality and that you don’t waste your viewer’s time.

Connect with the WOWtestimonials team today to start receiving testimonials from your employees.


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