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Ask These 10 Questions To Get Impactful Customer Testimonials

A satisfied, happy customer can go on and on about how good your product or service is. And that could be an amazing thing, but will the effect be as per your expectations? Well, candid customer reviews are often more likely to have a different impact than what you are looking for. Ensure that you are asking your customers the right questions to get a powerful video testimonial. Handing out premade questionnaires to your customers gives them a clear idea about what they need to speak. It also provides your video testimonials with proper structural integrity. On the other hand, a questionnaire that has random questions might do the opposite of what a video testimonial is supposed to do — it might end up putting off a potential buyer by providing too much information.

A thorough understanding of what factors to include in your video testimonials can help your customer reviews stand out. Let’s learn some basic things brands consider when creating customer reviews and video testimonials questionnaires.

What You Must Remember When Creating A Questionnaire For Video Testimonials

1. Choose between automation and manual request 

You can request your client for testimonials through automated emails or through your customer support staff. The nature of your business also becomes a critical factor. A large-scale company might find email automation a better choice. But for a small-scale company, it makes sense to request testimonials through customer support touchpoints. The method you choose should be convenient for your customer as it will make them say yes or no to customer testimonial videos.

2. Right timing is important

When asking for video testimonials, it is crucial to get the timing right. In fact, it becomes vital to extract good information from your customers. Generally, the right time to ask a customer for a testimonial would be after they have used your product or service and experienced satisfaction.

For instance, if you are an organisation that creates personal care products, you can ask for testimonials from your clients after 2 to 3 months of purchase. That’s mainly because cosmetics generally show results after use for some weeks. 

It would be best to ask for a testimonial when you think your client or customer has achieved their intended goal with your service or product. That is when they are highly optimistic and will be more than willing to provide testimonials.

3. Put your customers’ convenience as a top priority

Remember that you are asking something of your customers that will need them to invest a significant amount of time from their schedule. So, make sure that you keep things easy for them. 

You can provide them with the option of either writing a testimonial on your website or filming it. For example, you can give them a chance to film an interview testimonial online where one of your employees can ask them questions. You can also set up a camera crew in their office or home to record their video testimonials. 

If your customer can’t provide a video testimonial, ask them to write their testimonial on the company’s social media or website. You can even guide them to various video testimonial softwares that are easy and effortless.

4. Give your customers a sweet deal for their effort

Customers receive many requests for testimonial videos from every product or service they have ever used, and their inboxes are littered with such emails. So that your message is sent across and read by your customers, make sure you put a good amount of effort into it. Giving them a reason to say yes would be letting them know that there is something in it for them as well. You can either offer a gift card, a discount, or a free product as an incentive for filming a testimonial.

5. Ask simple yet effective questions that will lead to effective quotes

When looking for a video testimonial, you should always look for something your potential customers will relate to. Tugging at the heartstrings is the right way to do it. 

Ask your clients and customers questions that invoke personal and detailed responses rather than one-word answers. Saying yes or no is far less effective than someone telling their story from the beginning. So, ask your customers the right questions that will lead them to speak about their personal experience with your product or service. 

This way, you can showcase a range of emotions around the customer’s experience. An honest, genuine and nuanced account will go a long way in converting potential buyers.

6. Have a page dedicated to testimonial videos on your website

Every business should have a specific page dedicated solely to testimonial videos on its website. Because potential buyers always look at customer reviews before buying an item online. The layout of this page can be decided by you but keep one thing in mind – the testimonials you are showing must be different from the others. They should be about how your product is satisfying various customer needs. 

For instance, one testimonial video can be about an international customer showing that you ship worldwide and are equally available to international customers as to domestic ones. Your other testimonial video can be about a customer explaining how your product or service helped them eliminate a massive problem. This will show the customer’s personal opinion and will be more relatable for most people who visit your website.

7. Make sure there is always some room for customisation

Let the customers write or record the customer video testimonials shortly. Try to make it manageable for them. If they are unwilling to give a video testimonial, you can employ some creative methods of asking for a short and sweet testimonial video. You can even ask them to write in a few words about their experience with your brand, which you can then embed in a video and there you have it! A short and straightforward testimonial video from your loyal customer.

8. Politely ask if they will be able to refer someone in their network

Asking for a referral before you have completely satisfied your customers would not be appropriate. Ask your customers if they can refer someone in the network after they express their satisfaction with your services. If they agree, it’s good for your business. If they don’t, you can always ask for a testimonial video by telling them that you would like others to know how things worked out for them through your business.

9. Inform them that you will provide a link to their website

Whether you put up the video testimonial on your website or your social media handle, make sure you link it back to your customer’s website or give them a shoutout on their personal handles. A backlink can be great for SEO too. You can also tell them that it will help their Google rankings. When you ask for a video testimonial, let your customers know you will provide a backlink. This might lead them to say yes to a video testimonial!

10. Allow them to be as vocal or as terse as they would like

Asking the right questions isn’t the only thing that will help you draw out good video testimonials. Allowing your customers to express themselves freely will also be great, making your video testimonials sound more natural and appealing. Allow your customers to speak as much or as little as they like. The entire process of getting a testimonial should be manageable for them.

The specificity of customer testimonial videos is essential in creating a video testimonial. A very well-thought-out questionnaire gives your customers a skeletal structure of how that testimonial is supposed to be. It is a valuable tool for them. Using this outline, creating video testimonials can help your customers generate video testimonials for you with the content you require. Getting into the minds of customers will help you curate a questionnaire for an exceptional video testimonial. Asking the right questions is critical. So, here is the list of 10 questions you must ask your clients when asking for a testimonial video:

1. Who are you? What do you do?

Starting with this question will give your video testimonial the right edge since you are looking for someone who will be relatable. Ask your customers who they are and what they do. Some customers might answer this question by just telling their name and work. However, if you want your potential customers to relate with the existing customer, you would like a few more details. Ask the customer to elaborate and tell more about themselves, as it’s always better to have more information that can be cut out rather than having less than what you would like.

2. What problems did you encounter before using our product or service?

This question has the power to hook your potential customers. The moment they can relate to the pain points and the problems that your existing customer faced, they will be more interested in discovering how they overcame these problems through your business. So ask your customers to describe their problems in detail to make them relatable.

3. What made you choose our product or service?

While choosing your product or service, your customers naturally compare it with your competitors in the market. Therefore, when they answer this question, prospective customers will find out why yours is better than the others offering the same product or service. This is an important question that will lead to positive customer reviews and might be one of those questions that finally turns a prospective customer into your actual customer.

4. According to you, what was the best thing about our product or service?

This question is helpful for your video testimonial and your team because it talks about your customer’s favourite things about your product. In addition, it will help your team understand what it is about your product making it sell. This way, you can know what you need to work on and your product’s USP.

5. What results did you achieve after using our product or service?

With every product or service, all customers care about are results. If you can get your customers to show the measurable results they achieved with your product or service, this could work very well for the prospective customers of your business. An evident impact will help lend value to your video testimonial, so make sure you ask this question.

6. Would you recommend us to others? 

If a customer is ready to give you a video testimonial, it is evident that they will recommend your product or services to other potential customers. However, saying it out loud has a significant impact on the viewer. Listening to positive things will also lead them to act.

7. What made you the happiest about working with our company?

This open-ended question will bring out excellent responses from your customers. They can talk about many positive points about your company, whether it’s excellent customer service, your product is user-friendly, or you offer multiple payment options. This question will point out all the merits that your business has.

8. What is the main reason you recommend our product or service?

This question might be one of those questions that will help you finally close the deal. It will allow your customers to give their unbiased opinion, which will loop in your potential customers.

9. What is your favourite feature of our product or service?

This one is an essential question because it will highlight the feature of your product or service that works the best. The answer to this question might differ for each customer; therefore, this question will highlight all the good features of your product or service. It will also help your potential customers decide that they want your product.

10. What are the chances of you recommending our service or product to others?

This simple yet thought-provoking question will paint a clear picture for your prospective customers about how satisfied your current customers are with your product and your services. It needs to be more than asking about the product. How likely will your existing customer recommend your product or service to their friends and other people in their network?

Being polite while asking for a testimonial is just as important as curating a good questionnaire. So, remember to strike the right balance between approach and information, and you will have a perfectly baked customer review!

But Why Are Brands Focusing On Customer Video Reviews?

While customer reviews and testimonials have always played a significant part in brand promotion and growth, in recent years, customer testimonials have found new life. There are various reasons why brands are giving it so much importance, and rightly so. Here are some important drivers:

Constantly rising competition

The customer is king! This timeless saying is undoubtedly more important now than ever. We are living in a world where ten people are offering the same service or the same product. And surviving in such tough competition is becoming more and more difficult. So, what makes YOU stand out? What lets your potential customers believe in you and choose you from the ten others offering the same thing? It is your customers’ testimonials. This is why businesses are highly focused on testimonials to expand and grow their business. An existing customer’s review for a potential customer is more reliable.

Engaging and entertaining

Customer reviews are a great thing, especially in the form of a video. Gone are those days when people would spend time reading review after review to understand anything. In this digital age, everything is shown as a video clip; therefore, video testimonials are becoming increasingly popular. For example, imagine you are a business owner and manage to find a group of customers interested in buying your product. However, they must be more convinced to buy your product or service. How would you turn these potential customers into actual customers? The answer is – through a video testimonial.

Customer-centric in nature

A video testimonial holds power to convert potential clients into actual clients. If you step into the shoes of a customer and look at a product or service from their point of view, you will understand better. For a customer, it’s imperative to be sure about the product or service they are buying and that they will achieve the desired results. What’s better than someone who has already used this product saying they love it? Thinking from a customer’s point of view will help you devise great questions that come into people’s minds when they buy something. So, it becomes crucial to ask the right questions to your customers when asking them for a video testimonial. A proper structure and streamlined questions will give you an impactful video testimonial that will help you convert window shoppers into actual customers.

Higher conversion rate

Finding people who might be interested in your business is relatively easy. However, it takes a lot of work to convert these people to press that ‘buy now’ button. So instead of looking from scratch for new customers, utilise your existing customers by getting them to make customer testimonials videos. Video testimonials are any day more effective than any other form of customer acquisition strategy, and the effectiveness of a video testimonial lies in the things being talked about.

Comparative approach

Video testimonials help your potential customers weigh the pros and cons of your product and give an honest opinion about it. It cannot get more transparent than this. A video testimonial that shows excellent results achieved through your products and services is the one that helps get more clients.

In Conclusion

Customer video testimonials are one of the best tools that help you scale your business. The best part about a video testimonial is that it is not just beneficial for you but also helpful for the customers and prospective customers. It creates a whole lot of transparency, and transparency suggests dedication and honesty. 

Video testimonials will make your business more trustworthy, and people will be more likely to use your product and services. When you ask the right questions and let your customers express their opinions, nothing can stop you from converting those prospective customers into lifelong customers. 

Since you have reached the end of this article, you are now equipped with all the information you need to create or help get a video testimonial. You also understood the power of asking the right questions for a compelling video testimonial. So, put all this information to use and get started on that questionnaire you have been planning forever! Create a questionnaire for video testimonials using the top 10 questions mentioned in this article. We are sure you will grow your business immensely through your video testimonials. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to start now!

You can contact our expert to learn more about collecting video testimonials from your clients and customers.


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