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11 Best Video Testimonial Softwares To Watch Out For In 2023

Video testimonials are grabbing a lot of eyeballs, and traction in the last few years. And more and more brands have recognised the potential of video content in their marketing strategy. What’s more, even customers are choosing to rely on videos to deepen their product understanding and also to find out what other customers are saying about it.

Did you know 9 out of 10 people believe the customer reviews instead of claims that brands make? Or that 95% of survey participants admitted that customer reviews are important influencers when purchasing a product? Another research claims – 88% of the participant marketing teams had witnessed at least a 10% hike in their video testimonial campaigns; 72% agreed that ROI from video testimonials can be anywhere between 50% to 500% as compared to non-video reviews. The majority of participants even agreed that they saw better conversion rates with video testimonials.

But in spite of such disruptive trends in video content marketing, brands are shying away from creating video testimonial campaigns. Reason? A simple lack of sufficient funding and time. In recent research, 42% of content marketers admitted that lack of time is the top reason they turn away from video content. And in the very same research, 37% stated the reason was a lack of budget.

Video Testimonial Software: An Easy And Quick Way For Capturing Video Testimonials

To bridge this gap and leverage the benefits of video testimonials, brands are making use of an excellent tool – video testimonial software! With these automated tools, brands can get video testimonials from their customers and even display these reviews on their websites. In short, these tools make the collection and collation of video testimonials easy and quick.

The video testimonial softwares have become a huge hit with brands, big and small, mainly for these reasons:


Brands and customers, both are finding the video testimonial softwares and tools to be extremely convenient and effective. Recording a video testimonial using these tools is a cakewalk for the customers. Guided videos are also available on many softwares that make it simpler to understand the process. So, even a layperson with little knowledge of digital can use these tools and record their love for their favourite brands. At the same time, collecting these video testimonials, collating them, and creating a testimonial library on their website is easy-peasy for the brands. Embedding video testimonials on the brand website is now a matter of a few minutes.

Easy on the pocket

Almost all video testimonial tools have varied pricing plans, ranging from free to high-end ones. Brands can choose a plan that suits their needs and pockets. Many softwares offer great services even in their free plans. As with all tools, the plans can be upgraded and downgraded in the case of most video testimonial tools.


Since these softwares and tools use artificial intelligence, they are automated with a wide range of templates, effects, filters and so on. So, along with technological seamlessness, video testimonial softwares provide their users with great design and aesthetics as well. Brands can do so much more with advanced and upgraded plans in most of these softwares. In short, ‘Goodbye boring, and Hello trendy!’

Speaking of trendy, Adobe suggests that some of the top content marketing trends projected for 2023 include:

  • Short videos, less than 10 minutes

  • Empathetic content with a focus on human emotions

  • Content that provides value to customers

  • User experience continues to be a significant determinant of increased traction

  • Use of AI and automation to deliver content

In different words… brands are bound to focus on video testimonial softwares that leverage these consumer inclinations. Shorter video testimonials, appealing to the consumer’s emotions and providing great value for their time, coupled with excellent UX and automation, are surely the next big thing in the content marketing industry. And AI-driven video testimonial tools are all geared to up their game in 2023 and deliver on these brand expectations.

Video Testimonial Softwares Brands Must Watch Out For In 2023:

Here are 10 video testimonial softwares that became brand favourites previously:

1. Bonjoro

Screenshot of Bonjoro - a video testimonial website


The best Bonjoro feature is that it allows you to add multiple users to the free plan as well. Scheduling facility is available with the higher end plans – Pro and Grrrowth. Apart from that, unlimited video time, good integrations, advanced workflows and quality templates are some other features that add value to this tool. However, Bonjoro being relatively new in this game, it will be crucial how they handle the flipsides.

Pricing and Plans

Bonjoro offers Solo and Teams Plans with various packages in each variant. In both Solo and Teams Plans, a Free package is available.

  • Free –50 free video messages, unlimited screen recordings, and 3 video testimonials can be availed of under the Free package. Teams Plan includes 3 users.

  • Starter – Along with a 14-day trial, the Starter package at $19 offers customisations for growing brands, CTA buttons on videos, and 25 video testimonials. Again, in the Teams Plan, 3 users can be added.

  • Pro – Unlimited video messages, video scheduling facility, and 250 video testimonials are available under this package. It is priced at $33 for Solo, whereas for Teams the price is $59. 5 users can be added in the Teams Plan. A 14-day trial is also available.

  • Grrrowth – The pricing for Solo Plan is $69 and that for Teams is $149. The Teams Plan includes 10 users. A 14-day trial, group video messages, custom domain, and unlimited video testimonials are included in both plans.

2. Boast

Screenshot of Boast  - a video testimonial website

Over 10,000 brands boast about happy customers, thanks to this video testimonial software with some really great features. They call it an all-in-one platform for proof-based marketing! Boast inspires brands to develop a trusted bond with their customers, leading to an increase in sales.


  • Great user experience that inspires action in your customers

  • Auto reminders facility that keeps your brand top of mind

  • Works on any camera-enabled device

  • Convenient setup that needs almost no time

  • Publish the testimonials to your website in a single click

  • Ad-free experience

  • Zapier integration for ease of distribution

  • Testimonial download facility available

  • Friendly customer support team at your service

Pricing and Plans:

Boast offers monthly as well as annual plans with no risk trial of 14 days. What’s more, you need not use a credit card either. The annual plan details are:

  • Basic Plan for small businesses includes 600 responses per year at $50 per month

  • Team Plan for medium businesses provides 1800 responses per year at $100 per month

  • Premium Plan for large businesses and agencies offers 6000 responses per year at $208 per month

3. Testimonial

Screenshot of Testimonial  - a video testimonial website

Testimonial supports no-code platforms. Be it a startup or a Fortune 500 company, marketing or real estate agencies, Testimonial is a popular tool amongst them all.


  • With the quick and easy setup feature you can create a landing page and share it across various platforms – SMS, Social Media, and Email.

  • A simple and clean dashboard helps you manage all the testimonials you receive with great ease

  • Keep an eye on the performance metrics to understand what is fetching you better engagement

  • Go beyond the testimonials and bring in more social proof from all your social media handles

  • Ad-free hosting feature allows you to display testimonials on your own website without any third-party interference

Pricing and Plans:

Testimonial offers a range of plans that can suit the needs of different types of clients. A cancellable 7 days trial is also available.

  • Starter Plan is free and meant for hobbyists. It provides 2 video and 10 text testimonials. This plan is perfect for those who want to explore the software.

  • Premium Plan is at $50 per month and suits the needs of small businesses. This is an ad-free version with unlimited video and text testimonials. However, the video time limit is up to 3 minutes.

  • Ultimate Plan is for growing businesses and costs $150 per month. You get a 5 minutes video time limit with this plan.

  • Agency Plan, billed on monthly basis only, is meant for agencies and starts from $300 per month. You get video metrics service with this plan, apart from other essentials to service your clients.

4. Tolstoy

Screenshot of Tolstoy  - a video testimonial website

One of the best-integrated softwares, Tolstoy works with many tools like Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce to name some. Apart from that, it offers an excellent analytics facility that helps with a deeper understanding of engagement. Tolstoy allows you to add a human chatbot on your website through which you can offer support to your customers.

Pricing and Plans

  • Tolstoy offers four types of plans: Starter, Pro, Business and Enterprise

  • Starter is the free plan

  • You can avail a 14 days trial with Pro and Business plans

  • The Enterprise Plan gets you a 30 days free trial

  • Prices per month: Pro @ $19 & Business @ $299

  • Enterprise is a customisable plan and you need to contact the sales team to discuss possibilities in this one

5. Trustmary

Screenshot of Trustmary  - a video testimonial website

The main concept of Trustmary is to collate reviews from other channels, even though it allows customers to record and publish video testimonials. G2, Capterra, Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Yelp are a few platforms that Trustmary supports. In that sense, displaying testimonials from all these varied platforms becomes attractive. Trustmary is also more design-focused as it offers some excellent layout options and customisation facilities in the testimonial forms.

Pricing and Plans

  • Trustmary offers its clients with four different plans: Solo, Business, Automate, Pro

  • These can be billed either annually or monthly

  • Solo is the free plan with limited, yet essential services

  • In the case of Business, Automate, and Pro plans you can avail a 14 days trial

  • Prices:

    • Business: $82.5 monthly and $990 annually

    • Automate: $249 monthly and $2990 annually

    • Pro: $5990 per year is the starting cost

6. VideoAsk (by Typeform)

Screenshot of videoask  - a video testimonial website

VideoAsk has a warm onboarding experience. Simple templates and the facility of adding users even in the case of a free plan are some other features that brands always love.


  • Easy-to-record your videoask

  • Request for video or text or audio

  • Without any coding requirement, share your videoask in multiple ways. For example, send a url link, embed the videoask in an email, add a widget to or as an iframe on your website

  • Manage the user flow and interactions with ease

  • Scheduling and booking facility is available

  • Speech-to-text conversion facility

  • Convenient integrations

  • Track the performance

  • Create a chatbot for interaction

Pricing and Plans:

Annual as well as monthly plans are available with VideoAsk. There are three simple plans: Start, Grow and Brand. In the case of Enterprises, they can connect with the VideoAsk sales team to learn about different possibilities.


  • Start: This is the free plan

  • Grow: $24 per month, annual billing

  • Brand: $40 per month, annual billing

7. VideoPeel

Screenshot of videopeel  - a video testimonial website

With VideoPeel brands can enable their buyers to make an informed choice about their purchases. Video testimonials from existing customers makes the buyer’s journey much more authentic. Over 4000 companies are availing the video testimonial services from VideoPeel. It offers great customisation options with never-seen-before campaigns, designs, and presentations.

Pricing and Plan:

There are both, monthly as well as annual billing options with VideoPeel. The three plans include Pro, Premium, and Enterprise. All plans offer unlimited videos and campaigns. The pricing details are:

  • Pro: Priced at $49 per month, this plan is useful for individuals and small businesses. It offers services like automated onboarding and chat support.

  • Premium: Meant for businesses this plan is priced at $249 per month. You also get add-on features like auto transcription, custom rights management, insights for video content, business reviews, and customised URLs.

  • Enterprise: A high-security plan with enhanced features, this one is customisable. To avail of this plan businesses need to contact the sales team at VideoPeel. Some additional features that VideoPeel offers as part of this plan include multi-user collaboration, SSO, customer success manager, custom MSA, and SLA and 99% uptime.

8. Vidmonials

Screenshot of vidmonials  - a video testimonial website

At Vidmonials, they believe that videos speak louder than text. So, they have built a robust video testimonial platform to make it convenient for the brands to collect and share video testimonials.


  • Brands can send a single video request or even in bulk. For bulk sending, exclusive campaigns and projects can be created. Apart from this, direct links, QR codes, and emails can also be sent to customers.

  • Screen sharing is available. Vidmonials offers the best-in-class recording facility for a superlative user experience.

  • Transcription facility allows the users to convert speech into text in multiple languages.

  • A simple dashboard with convenient filtering facility.

  • Enhance the video testimonials with music and text.

  • Use a customisable landing page to showcase all your video testimonials

  • Website embedding for better reach and impact is possible.

  • Other important features include: great responsiveness, friendly UI/UX, access to analytics and reports, malware security, compliance with local regulations, and 24 by 7 customer support.

Pricing and Plan:

All plans offer a free one month trial.

  • Free Plan: Caters to small teams with big goals

  • Professional: Meant for businesses looking to grow at $29 monthly and $296 annually

  • Enterprise: Suited for companies wanting to control the complete experience at $69 monthly and $704 annually

9. Vocal Video

Screenshot of Vocal Video  - a video testimonial website

Vocal Video is an easy video testimonial platform with attractive and user-friendly features. You can record from any device and use templates, specially crafted by a team of experts. With Vocal Video, it is easy to publish professional looking video testimonials and share them with the world too. You can even edit the videos to highlight the best parts. One of the best features is that Vocal Video allows the brands to convert audio responses to engaging videos, with text and music. It even provides an ad-free version.

Pricing and Plans:

  • Free, Solo, Team, and Pro are the four types of plans available.

  • All plans offer unlimited videos, but you can display only a limited of them

  • Free plan comes with a watermark, while other three are free of watermark

  • Price:

    • Solo: $49 per month and $488 annually billed

    • Team: $33 per month for 3 users and $1088 annually billed

    • Pro: $39 per month for 5 users and $2240 annually billed

10. Vouch

Screenshot of Vouch  - a video testimonial website

Vouch offers 3 simple plans that can be billed either monthly or annually. An annual plan will give you a 20 percent discount.

Pricing and Plans:

  • Free: This plan offers you 3 users with unlimited videos in high quality

  • Pro: At $79 per month and annual billing, in this plan you can avail of 10 users and more integration platforms

  • Teams: This is a customisable plan. To avail of this you need to get in touch with the sales team at Vouch.

11. Widewail

Screenshot of Widewail  - a video testimonial website

Invite Video by Widewail is the video testimonial software. For pricing and plans, you need to directly contact them via their website. Invite Video is an excellent tool to collect testimonials from your customers at affordable cost as compared to professional videos. It’s easy and fast.


Indeed, with so much to offer, video testimonial softwares are winning brand hearts and helping them reach a bigger customer base. If you too need help with enabling your brand for video testimonials, schedule a call with our expert.  


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