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Leverage These 10 Types Of Testimonials To Increase Sales

From a local dentist to a multinational corporation, every brand ensures to include customer reviews in its marketing strategy. Mainly because testimonials, and especially video testimonials from existing customers and clients, are highly impactful in comparison with any other marketing campaign. In fact, this has been proven time and again with the help of numerous pieces of research conducted on this topic. No wonder brands are going big on collecting and showcasing testimonials, mainly video testimonials, in their communication. 


Before diving into the different types of testimonials that a brand must take from their customers, let’s understand more about the basic idea of a customer testimonial. 

What Is A Testimonial?

A testimonial is an honest and genuine review of a product or service from the customer. It is the endorsement of a satisfied customer. What it does is put your customers in the spotlight. So automatically, the conversation is around the customer’s experience, the struggle to choose a product, price comparisons, and so on. Your product is viewed from the customer’s lens and not the brand’s. That way, a potential customer relates to an existing buyer, and the trust in your brand develops or increases. 

An ideal testimonial motivates the reader to buy your product. It clearly states the best and not-so-best aspects of the product, allowing the buyer to make an informed choice. In fact, it is safe to believe that an effective testimonial is far better than any paid marketing. Because it is the first-hand experience of a consumer, and that’s why extremely authentic and convincing. This is why every brand must focus on having a testimonials page on their websites.

So, although brands may use a variety of marketing techniques like putting perfect photos, creating compelling copy, or shooting engaging videos, the humble testimonial steals the day for genuinely sharing the customer’s experience. 

Different products call for different types of testimonials. Also, it is best to have a mixed bag of various testimonial types as it allows scope for more engagement from the readers. The customers sharing testimonials also need the space to create one within their comfort zone. So, while video testimonials work the best, some customers may not be comfortable recording a video of themselves. In such cases, having other types of testimonials can still make it possible to include all positive reviews from your happy customers. 

So, what are these different types of testimonials that brands must focus on? 

Types of Testimonials: 

Gone are the days when reviews and testimonials were shared only in a text format. Nowadays, creating an impactful testimonial is an art, thanks to a wide variety of platforms to record and showcase these testimonials. Of course, brands are leveraging these platforms for better reach and increased sales. Here are the different types of testimonials that are a must for every brand. 

Video Testimonial

In recent times, video testimonials have emerged as an extremely effective marketing tool. The beauty of a video testimonial is that it’s a direct connection between a brand’s existing and potential customers. All it needs is the right ingredients, like product or service features, the use case of the customer, and a good range of emotions, to suggest some. Video testimonials are impartial and impactful, as there is little scope for manipulation. Research suggests:

  • 79% of customers take the help of video testimonials to learn more about a product or service and the brand
  • 77% of customers agreed that their decision to purchase a product or service was influenced by video testimonials


That’s massive and just unignorable!

So, how exactly do video testimonials work in the favour of a brand? How is it that they compel the viewers to hit the ‘Buy’ button? What ticks potential buyers after watching a video testimonial that they get converted into actual buyers? Here are two important reasons.

Why video testimonials must be a part of your marketing plan?

  • Builds trust

How would you like to have a crucial conversation? Not over a call. And definitely not over an email or text. In this world where people are moving further away from face-to-face connections, a video testimonial provides exactly that. A video testimonial allows your potential buyer to see and hear your existing buyer, who is perhaps going to say some nice things about your product or service. The existing buyer provides an honest and genuine visual confirmation for the claims that you are making as a brand. This helps in creating a bond of trust between the existing and potential buyers and, in turn, builds trust in the brand as well. 

  • Provides a higher retention rate

Did you know that watching a one-minute video is equivalent to 1.8 million worth of words? Or that your audience retains 95% of the message when they watch a video? Yes, it’s true! Research has proven that videos have a higher retention rate as compared to text. It also states that of all the information transmitted to the brain, 90% is visual. And that, as compared to text, visuals are 60,000 times faster processed by your brain. So then, isn’t it obvious why everyone is hopping on to the video testimonial bandwagon, and rightly so!

Apart from these two critical reasons, video testimonials are important because:

  • They appeal to the mass sensibility

Videos are entertaining and engaging modes of communication. And that’s why also preferred by the audience. It is easy to get them to watch a video. 

  • Gets shared much more

Compared to a text post or a static image post, a video is much more dynamic. So, people end up sharing it a lot more. 

  • Converts with ease

Video testimonial has the power to convert your potential buyer into an actual one. This is mainly because of the relatability factor in a video testimonial. 

Here are some examples of best-in-class video testimonials:
1. McDonald Real Estate Group by a Young Couple

Zach McDonald is a Seattle Real Estate Agent and Broker. A young couple with whom Zach had worked has provided him with an extremely real, heart-warming video testimonial. They narrate their homebuying story in an extremely compelling manner. They clearly explain the challenges they had while looking for a house in Seattle and how Zach helped them find the perfect place to settle in. 

Surprisingly, the couple also mentions that they had watched a few videos of other clients on Zach’s website, and that’s how they decided to proceed with his services. This suggests how powerful video testimonials can be in sales and marketing. 

2. For MYOB by Pittella

MYOB is an accounting software company. Pittella, one of their clients in the door and bathroom fittings sector, provided the company with an authentic testimonial directly from the owner – Simone Pittella. The video testimonial is beautifully made, capturing Mr Pittella’s emotions about his own company as well as how MYOB has been instrumental in Pittella’s growth and expansion plans. It tells an impactful story and charts out clear-cut benefits.

3. For Yokel Local by New Look Collision Center

Yokel Local is a digital marketing agency. A video testimonial by New Look Collision Center highlights the agency’s achievements in helping their client expand in the Las Vegas region. Mike, the owner of New Look Collision Center, shares his experience with great genuinity. The solution from Yokel Local helped his company show up in the local search system accurately, thereby generating a lot of organic traffic. Apart from building a larger business, Mike was also able to increase his staff. The video interestingly uses impactful text to introduce Mike and to establish the context.

4. For Slack by T-Mobile

Slack is an instant messaging program. In an engaging video testimonial, T-Mobile talks about how Slack was helpful in keeping internal communication seamless during the Covid period. Mark Smith, the Senior Technical Production Manager, is all praises for Slack. He mentions that although there was a disruption in the work location, there were no hiccups in how the work was done, all thanks to Slack. Another occasion when Slack really came through was when T-Mobile and Sprint merged.

5. For Motorola Solutions by Motorola Solutions’ Employees

In this video testimonial, Motorola Solutions turns the lens to their own employees. The review mainly talks about what makes Motorola Solutions a great workplace. Motorola Solutions employees of various levels talk about how it is an exciting place to work at. What grabs eyeballs for sure is a byte from the Chairman and CEO of Motorola Solutions, Greg Brown, who mentions that it is a company about people. A mix of heartwarming employee bytes, impactful text messaging, and visuals of the general public touched by Motorola Solutions makes this a great video testimonial.

By far, video testimonials are considered the most effective, and for a reason. And all these examples only prove our point further. But when a video testimonial is not possible, there are other ways to showcase the ‘client love’ on your website.

Audio Testimonial

Audio testimonials create an impact similar to video testimonials. Customers can easily record an audio testimonial in any type of quiet surroundings, especially now that high-end phones with good-quality speakers are available. It is perfect for camera-shy customers who don’t want to record a video of themselves. In such cases, you can get your customer to share audio while you can later convert it into a video testimonial. Audio testimonials are also easy on the pocket as they require only audio equipment to record. Plus, it is easy to play them on almost all devices. 

If you’re wondering how creative you can really get with Audio Testimonials, then you must take a look at these examples. 

Natural Balance is a wellness medical center. They have an innovative approach to the testimonials they receive. They have converted customer reviews to engaging audio testimonials with the help of a professional voice-over artist. This way, they are even able to highlight the relevant products, benefits and other relevant points.

Hairmax is in the business of hair growth solutions. Their unique approach to customer testimonials is to collect them via phone calls with happy customers. They add a photo of the product to this audio and then display this on their website’s testimonial page. 

Bust A Move is a movers and packers business. Audio testimonials can be the perfect solution for small businesses. Easy on the pocket, they allow you to carry basic visuals too. This testimonial for Bust A Move is provided by a happy client. He emphasizes how enthusiastic and helpful the team was. Bust A Move has rightly highlighted the humane approach that they bring to their business. Moving homes can be a difficult event. And in such cases, a compassionate support team can add a lot of value. That’s exactly what Bust A Move presents through this customer testimonial. 

These businesses really took their audio testimonials to a whole new level by creatively repackaging them to suit the trends. And businesses that take innovation seriously always find a way around such challenges.

Quote Testimonial

The traditional, Quote Testimonials are still quite popular among brands, big or small. And they are a common sight on many websites. But traditional does not necessarily mean boring. Brands have taken creative approaches in displaying these Quote Testimonials on their websites. For example, grouping them together based on the concerns addressed by the product. 

Bizzabo is a high-tech event company. They have an excellent customer testimonials page where they have beautifully laid out customer testimonials in the form of quotes. The layout is simple but effective. They have also added photos so that the audience can better connect with the customers who have provided these testimonials. Check it out here

Case Study

A Case Study is yet another effective form of customer testimonial. It is an opportunity for your potential buyers to take a deep dive into the real-life story of an existing customer. A Case Study entails minute details of the problem and how it was addressed with the help of your brand’s product or service. In addition to this, a Case Study can be a combination of different mediums like text, audio, images, and video. In short, you can create a Case Study with whatever material is available to you. 

Take a look at this amazingly done case study. For ChowNow by The Good Pizza

Firstly, this case study is extremely well-designed, with a good balance of attractive photos and nicely laid out text. It is short and precise and makes a point that will be relatable to all restaurant owners – steep commissions charged by third-party marketplaces. As opposed to restaurant marketplaces like Uber Eats, ChowNow puts the customers directly in touch with the restaurants. 

The case study puts the restaurant and its owner in the spotlight, giving them enough visibility through photos. A delectable-looking pizza is bound to grab some eyeballs, isn’t it? Further, right at the beginning, it establishes the challenge and furnishes it with a quote from the owner himself. Then, goes on to talk about the actual solution and the results garnered by ChowNow’s solution. ChowNow also spruces up the case study with some statistics. Data is key when it comes to case studies. That is what sets it apart from a blog or other type of testimonial. 

In short, what we have here is a sure-shot winner!

Apart from this interesting case study, popular companies like Hootsuite, Airbnb, and Slack also have interesting case studies on their websites. Important aspects of these case study pages are simple yet attractive design with captivating images, impactful headings or titles and clutter-free style.

Social Media Testimonials

Social Media has emerged as a powerful platform for engaging with the community. Brands, too, have ensured that they use this tool for their growth. It is a common practice for customers to leave reviews and testimonials on the social channels of brands. It is important for brands to keep a tab on good customer reviews and display them on their website or other handles. Brands also make a serious effort to connect with these customers on social media. 

Sprout Social is a famous organisation that has displayed customer testimonials from their social handles on their websites. This example showcases how customers tend to be informal, genuine and transparent when talking about products and services on social media. And that’s what makes for a genuine customer testimonial. Plus, it is a hassle-free process. All you need to do is embed the social media posts into your website with the help of widgets.

Customer Interview

One of the best ways to get your customers to talk about your product or service is through interviews. It is easier to take this approach when a customer is unsure of what he or she wants to share. Again, there is no barrier of what medium to use. You can use audio, video, and text as per your customer’s comfort. A well-formulated questionnaire can be of great help in this kind of customer testimonial. 

Here are a few questions that you could include:

  • Did you have any apprehensions when buying this product/service?
  • How did you finally decide to buy the product/service?
  • Can you name the feature that you liked the most?
  • Can you share 3 to 5 best benefits of this product/service?
  • Will you recommend this product/service to other people?

In the end, always ask if they would like to add anything or have any other feedback to share. Depending on the nature of your product, you can add as many questions as you like. However, the key here is to keep it short and to the point. You don’t want to bombard your customer with too much.

Codecademy and altMBA have some really great examples of customer interview-style testimonials. They ask anywhere between three and five questions, are crisp and precise, and have a simple page design. In short, the focus is on what the customer has to say rather than other gimmicks.

Authority Testimonials

Getting celebrities to talk about their brand is an old trick in the trade. Glamorous heroines endorsing their favourite soap bar or sportsmen promoting their favourite drink is an effective move. Surely, you are aware of how Coca-Cola lost $4 billion of its market value when Christiano Ronaldo replaced Coca-Cola with water during a press conference. Similarly, a positive gesture from a famous person in authority can help your brand. Additionally, there is an entire cult of social media influencers now who are constantly putting out their lives in the public eye. Authority testimonials, in that sense, are an extremely powerful way to build a positive brand image. 

Copyhackers and Four Sigmatic have great influencer or authority reviews on their website. Both these sites use a photo of the influencer, adding a lot of value to the quote. Apart from that, they have put these testimonials right on the landing page to increase the effect.

Peer Review

The concept of Implicit Egotism explains that we are automatically attracted to places, people and things that resemble ourselves. It means that potential buyers may be more likely to purchase a product if the model in the advertisement resembles them, that is, gender, age etc. Ratings from peers also have a huge impact on customer behaviour. Peer reviews can be collected from different review sites. Customer reviews on the Codecademy website are amongst the best peer review examples. Take a look.

Blog Post 

Whether it is a Case Study, Customer Interview, or an Audio or Video Testimonial, it can be presented in a blog format. Integrating audio and video from other channels is quite easy. A blog post can carry a video along with a detailed write-up on product features and benefits, customer experience, and other important aspects that need to be covered. That way it provides you with the benefits of a text and video testimonial together. 

ChowNow is an online food ordering system for restaurants. On their website, ChowNow has a dedicated page that collates the success stories in a blog format. Take a look

Press Review

As the name suggests, a Press Review is when your brand is featured in news. This can be a big achievement for a brand of any size, mainly because of the reach that this platform has. So even though it is not a cakewalk to get featured in the mainstream news, striving towards this aim is definitely worth it. A press review worth looking into is The Independent’s review on HeadSpace.

Getting Customers To Share Effective Testimonials

Now that you have learned more about different types of customer testimonials, here are some tips on how to encourage your customers to record and share effective testimonials. 

  • Automated emails

You can send your buyers an email to share feedback or testimonial. Remember to send this email after 5 to 7 days of their purchase. 

  • Survey forms

Customer satisfaction surveys are another way to gather customer testimonials. You can send these via email or even attach them to your product. 

  • Feedback from apps

Look for customer feedback on various apps that allow customers to create reviews and share them with others. 

While collecting testimonials from customers, remember to give special attention to the VIP customers. Your VIP customers are the ones who have the longest and deepest association with you. To identify them, check how many times they have purchased from you, the total amount they have spent on buying your products, and how long the customer relationship has been alive. You can approach such VIP customers for special testimonials. 


Testimonials, especially video testimonials, make a huge difference to your product sales. You, too, can reach a wider customer base with engaging customer testimonials. Connect with our experts if you wish to collect and showcase testimonials for your brand. 


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